How to Remove Freckles from Face Forever

How to Remove Freckles from Face foreverEveryone wants to have a clean, white face and this is everyone’s dream. Having a face in the desire will certainly make us easier in associating. The problems that we experience often appear on the face, like acne or acne scars, red face looks bruised even spots. With this problem we are always looking for how to remove freckles from face.

Before we talk further, we must recognize the various sizes that appear on the skin, freckles on the face are usually round and brown. Face spots are a sign of skin damage according to the Association of Dermatologist (AAD).

Most of them always think how to get rid of freckles with the help of cosmetic and home remedies. Helps clarify faces and remove natural mask pigment spots and cosmetic procedures.

The battle against freckles often begins in adolescence, when the requirements for yourself are exaggerated, and the quivering attitude to appearance keeps us wondering how we look.

Reasons and causes of the appearance of spots

The melanin pigment is responsible for the color of our skin and hair. With substance imbalance, stress and vitamin deficiency, skin cells can get pigmentation. The main cause of the appearance of spots associated with heredity, transmitted from parents to children.

The spots themselves are not a disease, they have the scientific term “ephelides (singular ephelis)” according to wikipedia. Therefore, they are regarded as skin properties, not serious deviations in health.

How to remove freckles from face with a variety of methods:

  • Removal, with the help of treatment procedures
  • Clarification of recipes and folk creams
  • Masking with modern cosmetic means

Start fighting with the right diet: include vitamin C and PP. The fruits are included in the group of oranges, raspberries, plums, bananas, wine saturated with vitamin C, so add it to your daily diet. Vitamin PP is found in beef liver, cheese, fish, eggs and milk.

How to remove freckles from face with the right products we also include vegetables: carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. In general, all vegetables and fruits are useful, they differ only in the amount of vitamins per 100 g of the product. It is important to pay attention to your diet from March to September, when the sun is most active.

Keep skin protection. In summer, especially during the hot holiday season, it is necessary to use sunburn cream with an SPF index (sun protection index) of at least 50. Excellent hats and panama with the help of large fields.

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Causes and triggering factors of freckles

In essence lies the emergence of hereditary spots caused by changes in the structure of melanocytes cells. These cells synthesize the melanin pigment, which gives the color of visible spots. Intensive melanin that is uneven and leads the distribution on the formation of spots.

The natural spots triggering the ultraviolet radiation factor from the sun, the increasing effect of melanocytes activity and they perform a protective function against the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation, began to produce large amounts of melanin pigment. Every day the pigment produces more and more, and given the uneven distribution of melanin focus is produced in the form of spots.

Pathological triggers are:

Often skin hormonal disorders and restructuring of the liver pressure and gallbladder deficiency vitamin pregnant women spots occur with the background of hormonal and metabolic changes.

How to remove freckles from face with cosmetic bleach creams

Attributes required in a “sun tan” cosmetic bag are special creams that help remove freckles from the face. When choosing a cosmetic product, note the composition in natural ingredients must necessarily go into it (herbal tinctures, vitamins, plant extracts). Tools with papaya, coconut milk and lime help well. Thanks to these elements, the concentration of melanin at orange dots decreases significantly.

How to remove freckles from face with an effective remedy: cream with bleaching action, containing hydroquinone, which quickly brighten the skin. The daily use of creams and masks promotes proper blood circulation, improves cell function, gives a healthy and radiant appearance.

How to remove freckles from face — with 4 effective home masks

If you are worried about the question of how to remove freckles from face, you want to improve and lighten the complexion, referring to the knowledge of traditional medicine.

Relieve sour cream

The mask of sour cream is perfect for all skin types. For the fat is replaced with amniotic fluid or kefir.

  • Soften 1 teaspoon fresh parsley.
  • Stir 2 teaspoons of sour cream and green vegetables.
  • Apply to face for 15-18 minutes with cotton.

Acid milk products whiten the skin, and parsley stimulates cell renewal.

Cucumber anti allergy

Easily prepared, will help whiten spots thanks to phylloquinone, which is part of the cucumber.

  • Rub medium-sized cucumber in a small grater or cut into slices.
  • Apply to skin and hold for 15-20 minutes.
  • Apply on face, while in a horizontal position or sitting in a comfortable position, throw back his head.

The bleaching effect also gives a siphon of cucumber slices every day.

Lemon with sour cream

One common method of removing freckles from the face. Has double bleaching effect. The two components that make up the mask contribute to skin lightening.

  • Grind lemon with passion.
  • Add a tablespoon of sour cream.
  • Stir well with a wooden spoon, press the piece of lemon to the side of the bowl.
  • Keep face no more than 15 minutes.

Wash the mask only with cold water or a little warm. The method of the people is effective, but it needs to pay attention to the freshness of the components used.

Lemon with honey

Not only whiten the skin, but also provide nutrition and eliminate perfect inflammation.

  • From squeezing fresh lemon 1 tablespoon juice.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of natural honey.
  • Apply to moist clean face for 10-12 minutes.
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Citrus and bee products included in the composition can cause allergic reactions. Before using, check the effect of the compound on the wrist and make sure there is no allergy. For 15 minutes, apply a prepared formula, if there is no redness, you can use this compound.

It is advisable to apply all face masks to the spots before going to bed. After rinsing, be sure to use a cream for your skin type. Applying a mask is required without fanaticism, just 2-3 times a week. Do not get annoyed if in the early days you do not feel the effect, you need time (1-2 months of routine procedures).

How to remove freckles from face with cosmetic methods

Can you or we remove the spots quickly and forever? Masks and creams lighten the pigment, which when exposed to sunlight reappears. But there are effective ways that will save you from stains forever.

Release spots with laser. In the process of this procedure, the laser works point-by-point, not touching normal skin cells. The procedure refers to drugs, therefore it is rather expensive. But this lets you remove the spots in 1 session.

Photo-therapy. Hardware treatments show quickly get rid of freckles, relieve pigments with short-term outbreak methods. It also helps with other problems, such as acne and pimples.

Peeling. Procedures for working with acid preparations, which remove the top layer of the skin by increasing the pigment content. After peeling, you need time to heal, so you should take your daily routine seriously, following what we recommend.

Decisions on how to remove freckles on the face forever, a lot. The main thing to approach this process carefully, weigh all the pros and cons (use traditional medicine or cosmetic procedure).

Tubes with cream

Daily masking method

For 1 day you can not remove the spots, but it will not be difficult to lighten and disguise. Help in difficult cases such as universal creams, such as BB and CC from different brands. They have 7 magnificent properties:

Hide imperfections;
Provide subtlety;
Merge with skin tone (“smart cream”);
Protect against ultraviolet radiation;
Do not let it glow oily;
Fill it with light.

How to remove freckles from face: Top 10 traditional methods are effective and easy

Lemon juice diluted in water

A few pieces of lemon squeezed into a glass of cold water, mix and use lotion to wipe the skin several times a day. It has a whitening effect.

Infusion of parsley

Two teaspoons and parsley boiled water and wait 20 minutes. In using lotion in several times a day, clean the skin. Also whiten the skin, but the effect is less aggressive than lemon juice, suitable for sensitive skin.

Cucumber mask

The cucumber is rubbed on a rough grater and a solid layer placed in the problem area. You can create a fun procedure every day, especially after active sun exposure.

Fresh juice

The same effect has black currant juice, quince, rose, cucumber juice and orange juice, fresh juice rubbed skin lotion instead.

Dairy products

Yogurt, kefir, horse milk, sour cream. The softest lightens pigmentation, simultaneously moisturizes and cleans the skin. Can be used as a mask for your face a little milk based on starch and to clean it. Most importantly, fresh produce.

Mask protein and lemon juice

Beat egg whites 1 tsp lemon juice. The composition is applied to thin layer skin pigment, after drying over the next layer is applied. This procedure is done for 20 minutes, then washed first with heat after cold water.

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Cucumber lotion

Cucumber Seed Packet days insist in a glass of vodka or dilute to 40 degrees of alcohol, filtered and diluted with water 01:10. Use a daily rubbing of skin or lotion (5-10 minutes).

Lotion with celandine

About 100 grams of celandine juice mixed with 50 grams of vodka, wiping the skin with tincture 2 times a day.
Dandelion infusion

How to remove freckles from face by using dandelion flower infusion. Some fresh flowers and a glass of boiled water for 20 minutes and filtered. Wipe spot lotion where spot 2-3 times a day.
Mask with radish, oatmeal, yogurt

Half a teaspoon of fresh grated horseradish mixed with a quarter cup of sour milk and 1 tbsp of wheat flour. Apply the mixture on the pigmented area with a thin layer, standing 15-20 minutes.

Castor oil

Apply oil on the skin with a soft cotton rub. This procedure is performed at night, in the morning wash of greasy residue.

Prevention of spots

Excluding or minimizing trigger factors makes it possible to prevent at least some occurrence of spots (and possibly allergic to the sun):

With the spring approach should review your diet to include foods rich in vitamins, especially C and PP. Many vitamins in vegetables and fruits, wheat, poultry, beef and liver. Gradually accustomed to the sun will provide uniform melanin production. In the first days of spring the sun should wear a cap with a wide tip, sunglasses, and avoid the appearance of the road between 11 to 15 hours when the sun is most active. Always use sunscreen with 15-30 SPF protection factor. They should be smeared on exposed skin, focusing on favorite spot spots such as cheeks and nose. Barrier cream reduces UV aggression due to skin action.

Most sunscreens: Sun-vita from Vitex, a cream barrier from sunburn and freckles at Flores an, Cream “Solar Series” F-100 Flores an cream-gel sunscreen Kozub Miracle.

As an additional step, you can use quinine or salol powder, which protects the skin from solar radiation.

There are many types of disguises for spots, the main one is choosing the optimal set for yourself. Counting his review is especially disproportionate, since everything is individual, and his approach should be appropriate. One must specify originally this is the skin type: combined, normal, dry or plump. From here have seen the necessary products, masks, creams.

Is it necessary to remove spots? Nature has given your uniqueness. Turn thin flaws into fragrance, full of charm and charisma. Choose a Boho-style outfit, so it suits you, be bright and unique. The green lens will accentuate your “summer feature”, and the pigtails will give you a bit of hooliganism and humiliation. Do not worry about how to remove spots from your face, remember your charm.

When we look for how to remove freckles from face. Do it slowly, use one of the parts that we convey above. No need to do it all. Take one of the ways you think it’s easy to do it and see the results in the next few weeks.

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