How to Remove Skin Tags at Home Yourself

How to remove skin tags at home yourselfHow to remove skin tags at home yourself? Skin tags, scientifically called achrochordon are a non-cancerous growth of the soft skin that appears distorted in shape. This increase is the result of skin rubbing against skin. Men and women have equal opportunity to have growth. Although skin tags can appear anywhere on the body, which is more common in the neck, eyelids, arms, underarms and lower chest.

Because skin tags affect people in all races, has been growing concern about how to remove skin tags in various online forums. How to remove skin tags at home yourself can be done at home with a different drug elimination of skin tags or goes to the doctor for a consultation.

16 How to remove skin tags at home yourself with natural remedies

Oregano oil

This oil contains terpenoids three phenolic components, including arvacrol, p-cymene and thymol. These components have antibacterial, antispasmodic, antimelanomic, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, which is important in skin care properties spots. To apply oil, need to mix about six drops of coconut oil with three drops of oil of oregano and apply the solution directly to the skin tags. Dry oil label and must be within one month. It can also be used to melt the carrier oil of oregano oil.

To eliminate the skin tags, some research centers show the world is good when we remove the skin tags at home. Many experts recommend that before treatment is strongly recommended if you consult with your doctor before treatment.

Tea tree oil

Health insurance does not cover, the option for everyone including you to remove the skin tags with tea tree oil is the type of plant from australia. In removing the skin tags, there is no research showing in doing so. Only in a small part of human research.

This oil has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial, which is important when it comes to removing skin tags. In operation, a sign of the tea tree oil on the skin dries out completely. Finally, the label fell. To apply this remedy skin tag removal without pain, you must first wash the area with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Dip clean cotton in water and then applied to three drops of tea tree oil to it. Use the pad to rub marks on the skin and around the skin three times a day.

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Stem dandelion juice

Before each application dandelion root juice, be sure to clean the area and dry thoroughly. Take a dandelion stem and press to extract the juice. Apply the juice to clean label safe and dry skin in place with a plaster. It must be repeated up to four times per day. Finally, the label dry and fall. However, the drug should not be used by people who are allergic to marigolds, daisies, chrysanthemums and ragweed.

Apple cider vinegar

One method is to use vinegar. Has done hundreds or even thousands of people in using it. This method is also part of how to remove the skin tag at home. If you do not know how to remove skin blemishes, this is another lighthouse on the removal of a beautiful skin home remedy. After cleansing and drying the affected area should soak cotton two tablespoons of vinegar.

Then you should massage the security tags around the buffer while being tightened to secure the saturated skin with vinegar. It should be repeated three times in one day. To minimize the itching sensation associated with thrush vinegar can be diluted with water before application.

If you consult your doctor, it may be cut off using the tool, freezing it or by burning it.

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Orange juice

This is another great home remedy regarding skin tag removal. In operation, the citric acid in lemon juice breaks the skin tag cells, thus destroying the label. To apply the medicine, cotton dipped in lemon juice and applies it on the sign in the skin and let it dry. The solution should be applied two to three times per day. With the application of lemon juice, you should begin to see clearly label in two to four weeks. However, the lemon juice should not be exposed to sunlight after application.

Figure 6 stalk juice

Because of its ability to maintain the level of alkaline-acid balance in the blood stem fig juice can be used to treat various conditions in the body, including the skin tag. To make the juice, you have to mix the numbers of fig stems. Apply the juice on the mark in the skin three to four times a day for effective results. Labels should enjoy two to four weeks.

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Pineapple juice

To fix this, you need fresh pineapple juice for each application. Using a few pieces of pineapple, you have to make pineapple juice and apply the juice on the label using a cotton ball. It should be repeated twice a day for several weeks. Effective removal of skin tags can be done in the comfort of your own home using a variety of methods, by pinning them to cut off the circulation in their own way they naturally fall.


Garlic is the biggest thing in treating wounds. But this can also be used as a how to remove skin tags at home yourself because it has beneficial properties, including antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial. To apply garlic to skin tags, you need to destroy three cloves of garlic for pasta. This paste should be applied every night before bed Tag, and held in place with a bandage. The dough should be washed in the morning.


It has been scientifically proven. Put a small piece of tape over the wart for six days. Change the tape if necessary. Then the wart should be soaked in water and rubbed with a pumice stone. Recoating the tape the next morning and left for 6 days. This treatment lasts for two months or until the wart is gone forever.


Mix some baking powder with castor oil and form a paste. Apply this paste over the label for 2-4 weeks and marks on the skin will disappear gradually.

Aloe vera

Simply apply fresh Aloe Vera on the affected skin and leave for 30 minutes.


One of the methods how to remove skin tags at home yourself has been released in various medical journals. Apply the inside of the skin warts or skin tags, bananas directly inserted. Some people have reported positive results in just rub the inside of a banana skin on the wart several times a day. However, the best and most effective way is to hit the inside of the shell to the wart and secure it with a bandage. Leave overnight. Wash the stains in the area and repeat the same procedure every night until the wart becomes softer. This treatment usually lasts a few weeks.

Sugar scrub

This treatment helps unblock pores and eliminate dark spots. Not only in spots, but also skin tags or moles. Prepare a paste of sugar and lemon. Rubbing blocked pores with unanimous motion. Rinse the area with warm water after completion.

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Cauliflower juices

Over the years, cauliflower used to get rid of the ugly label of the skin and make the skin smooth. To create a resource cauliflower, potatoes cut into pieces, mixed with cauliflower and water and mix to a paste. Apply a small amount of pasta on a sign in the skin every night before bed, secured in place with a bandage. Wash morning mass.

From castor oil

Castor oil is the final remedy on how to remove skin tags at home yourself and go to the list of home remedies. It is also effective, destruction of the label in a few weeks. This oil can be used in pure form or in combination with other materials such as sodium bicarbonate or herbal extracts for faster results Lomatium. In pure form or in a mixture with other material, castor oil should be applied to label more than five times per day.
How to remove skin tags to the doctor

If you need to remove skin tags, you can go to the doctor to remove the tags using scissors or a scalpel. Before remove skin tags, the medical core areas affected by anesthesia, after which she will be removed label. The procedure is painless and a series of labels can be removed in a single visit to the doctor.

Approach the doctor to burn labels: If you insist remove skin blemishes, this is another option. Cauterization (electrowinning) is a preferred option for avoiding a repeat of the tag. In addition, this method removes the tag does not leave a scar behind. Thus, it can be used on a label that occurs in the visible, the area such as the face, bikini line, and neck.

Dental floss

Tying the floss around the day is another easy way to remove skin tags. After a short time you will find that it was dark, and it will fall in 2 to 3 weeks.


Caution: Do not try to cut the skin tag itself because it can leave fear and even cause infection.

How to remove skin tags at home the very well done. In avoid causing irritation label. Basically, the skin tag discreet and painless. However, if the abrasive contact, they can become irritated and even started bleeding. Thus, you should avoid label contact with things such as clothing, jewelry and all kinds of excessive friction.


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