Hydrogen Peroxide Lightens the Skin

Hydrogen Peroxide Lightens the SkinHydrogen peroxide (H2O2), popularly known as hydrogen peroxide, has numerous properties. One is to remove skin blemishes and help clear it.

However, we must be very careful when using it, because in very high concentrations can be toxic to the body and also burn the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide we buy at the pharmacy may have different concentrations, which can be 10, 20, 30 or 40 “volumes”. Usually the concentration is clearly detailed on the product label.

For example, the oxygenated water we use at home for medical use, as an antiseptic and disinfectant of wounds, is the one with 10 volumes.

Does hydrogen peroxide lightens the skin?

This type of hydrogen peroxide can be used to whiten the skin, but its low concentration tends to be time to take effect, however, does not need a lot of care in its application, because no damage to the epidermis.

The 20 volumes are quite used to lighten hair up to 2 shades. It can also be used to whiten skin or to remove stains, but because of its high concentration requires special care.

30 volumes and can be used to lighten hair in various shades, but should never be applied to the skin.

Finally, 40 volumes can only be used to clarify certain type of hair, as long as it is applied by a professional experience.

Logically, the latter should never be applied to the skin, can cause serious burns because due to its high concentration.

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How Rinse skin with hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes

In the recipe that you provided for me then we will use hydrogen peroxide at 20 volumes, but it is important to know that some people may have allergic reactions, especially when applied on the face.

Be advised that you should only use it according to the letter the instructions that you see below.

If you do not know or you do not follow instructions, you better use another method.


It is essential that, before starting the application, make a little test with a wet cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide: I have fun behind your ears and wait a few minutes to see what the reaction of your skin.

If you develop a rash, itching, or minor burns comes, postpone the application on your face. Perhaps only can occur in other areas of your body where your skin is thicker.
If you did not show any reaction, follow the 3 steps that I will explain below.

  • First, wash your face (or other areas of your body you want to clarify) with soap and water well.

Rinse well and dry off with a towel.

  • Then you should exfoliate the region to be treated, so that the hydrogen peroxide penetrates well into the pores.

If you have a scrub at home, do not worry, because you can prepare a homemade one. Only, you’ll need a tablespoon of plain yogurt and sugar, which should mix well until a smooth paste is formed.

Beat the scrub in the region with gentle circular movements.

Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry off gently with a towel.

  • First remember to read and follow the precautions that indicated above. Moisten a cotton pad with 20 volumes hydrogen peroxide and have fun in the region to be treated, giving gentle tapping, to penetrate well into the skin. Please note carefully that the hydrogen peroxide does not contact with lips and eyes much less! Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse well with warm water and dry off gently with a towel. some have removed all traces of hydrogen peroxide on your skin. Finally, stop suitable to your skin type moisturizer.
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Secondary effects

In some cases, the skin may redden a little or mild irritation appear in the applied area, but this is normal.

What cannot be is another type of event, such as itching or burning strong; if any of this happens, wash well immediately and discontinue use immediately.

If you let an oversight hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the lips or eyes wash immediately with plenty of running water and, if necessary, seek medical help.

Well, that’s it for today; I hope this will be useful input on how the hydrogen peroxide lightens the skin. Please take the necessary precautions before using the recipe.

When he wants to remove stains on the skin and brighten the face, you need to know the natural methods that can help you.

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