Skin Tags During Pregnancy – How to identify it?

skin tags during pregnancyAre you not disturbed skin tags during pregnancy? With considerable discomfort wraps you in pregnancy, loose growth, the so-called skin tags can be a good reason to worry. It was natural to develop a series of skin tags during pregnancy. Please read on to learn more about skin tags, causes and treatments.

Are Skin Tags?

skin tag is a small decline or small loose skin growth that occurs in areas of the body where the skin tight clothing or skin rubbing against itself. It can folds of the neck, under your arms, around the groin, upper and lower eyelid you, in the forth line. Although bra and skin tags can interfere with the appearance of pregnancy, they gradually degrade after you give birth (1).

Skin tags are common during pregnancy? Also called acrochordons, skin tags are more common in obese and people with diabetes. Conditions like syndrome, Birt-Hogg-Dube, also can trigger skin tags.

How to Identify Skin Tags?

skin tag has a rounded head at the top and a thin strip of flesh connecting to the body. Depending on their location on appearance, skin tags can be flesh-colored or dark. They can be as small as a few millimeters and can even be 5 cm wide.

The Nature Of Skin Tags

  • mostly benign skin tags .They appear darker than normal skin because the skin squished together, and the pigment is concentrated in a limited area.
  • They look like warts and harmless. They are not sick and do not cause a lot of inconvenience.
  • Tag skin tends to hurt only if they play or develop inflammation. However, if they ripped clothing or jewelry, bloody and twisted too unsightly, you may want to remove it.
  • With enlarged abdomen by each trimester, there is a possibility that during pregnancy, the area has become more susceptible to developing skin tags. This occurs because the stomach is the constant friction with clothing.
  • Skin Tag primarily affect areas of the body that is hot and humid.
  • Sometimes a skin tag is ignored in pregnancy and childbirth. After going to look after childbirth, hormone fluctuations during breast-feeding can also cause skin tags.
  • Skin Tag mostly pop out on the second and third trimesters, and they are a natural part of pregnancy.
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What Causes Skin Tags During Pregnancy:

  • leather tag largely genetic.
  • An extra growth in the surface layers of skin cells promotes the formation of skin tags. It tends to increase in pregnancy because most body systems tend to Accelerate during this. Change
  • Hormonal can also cause skin tags.

Difference Between Skin Tags And Warts:

Skin tags and warts are different in several ways. Here’s the difference:

  • Warts are rough in texture and has an irregular surface. Tag skin smooth and soft.
  • While skin tags do not spread easily to other areas of the body, the warts are very contagious .Therefore Therefore, you can expect a sudden outbreak of a group of growth, if you are exposed to the wart.
  • flat warts in shape, but the knobbly skin tag and hanging loose from the skin (3).

Skin Tag Removal Procedure During Pregnancy:

If your skin tags bother you too severe, you can talk to your doctor and find the safe removal procedure.

  • Skin tags are sometimes burned or frozen such as warts and removed from the skin.
  • Skin tags can be removed through minor surgery using local anesthesia.
  • Skin tags can be removed with a narrow base of its own under the guidance of a physician.
  • Using dental floss or cotton ball, you can tie the leather base. This tag will be cut off blood flow to the skin tag. Gradually, the skin tag will fall off itself.
  • Similarly, using sterile scissors good, skin tags can only be cut by your doctor.
  • Do not try to disrupt the skin tag because it may increase the likelihood of severe bleeding.

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