The Cause of this is the Case: Why Leave Red Spots on Skin

red spots on the skinThere are different kinds of red spots on the skin, which can be classified according to their size, shape and even its duration, each of which has its respective causes and characteristics.

In their way, they can be divided into erythema (flat), vesicles (fluid-filled) and papules (higher). For their size, they fall brindle (very small), medium (up to 5 mm) and large (several centimeters in diameter).

Finally, according to their duration, they can be divided into acute (suddenly and disappear in a few hours or days – as in infectious diseases) and chronic (can stay for more than a month – as in certain allergies).

The most common causes of red spots on the skin


This is a skin disease characterized by the sudden appearance of red spots, which in certain cases are accompanied by edema and usually produce pruritus.

When it comes to cases of acute urticaria, injuries are caused by food intolerances or even drugs, disappearing quickly once ingestion of the offending agent is discontinued.

In the chronic form of the disease, lesions may last for more than a month and its causes can be multiple, being much more difficult to discover.

Among the best-known causes of urticaria they include:

  • Certain medications such as antibiotics, sedatives, sulfonamides, anti-inflammatory and analgesic;
  • Foods such as shellfish, fish, eggs, chocolate and some packaged with chemicals;
  • Certain agents that cause dilation of the capillaries, such as alcoholic beverages, ambient heat, fever, emotional stress and physical exercises.
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Infectious diseases

Some virus’s transmitted diseases usually begin with the appearance of red spots on the skin. These spots usually go away when the disease that caused it heals.

These diseases include chickenpox, rubella, measles and infectious mononucleosis.

On the other hand, some mycosis (fungal infections) is also starting with the appearance of red spots.


It is a type of red spots shaped root, which usually tends to appear on the cheeks and nose.

These spots are most often manifested in people with sensitive skin due to various reasons, such as spicy or alcohol intake, excessive exposure to sunlight or even nerves.

The dermopathies

There are some skin conditions like acne and eczema, characterized by the appearance of red spots.

As they evolve, incorporating other injuries, such as bedsores, papules and scaling, which are fortunately not transferable nor have infectocontagiosa character.

Atopic eczema, a skin condition that usually affects infants and can also occur in some adults, is characterized by its reddish color and other manifestations such as itching in the neck, face and body folds.

Seborrheic dermatitis

This is a condition caused by the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, quite common in people with oily skin.

As a result, often it causes redness and scaling on the scalp and face.

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